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The Job of a Bounty Hunter

Television shows, movies and novels have presented a skewed perception of what bounty hunters do, portraying them as free-wheeling characters who won’t hesitate to cut corners to achieve results. In reality, bounty hunters, also known as bail recovery agents, are bound by restrictions imposed by federal, state and county regulations. In Texas, bounty hunters are […]

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The Different Types Of Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one ever get arrested, the staff of professional bond agents at A Way Out Bail Bonds works hard to secure the freedom of the accused from the time of arrest until final case closure. A number of options are available to those accused of a crime who want to secure […]

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What Happens When Someone Gets Arrested?

A DUI arrest in Texas occurred almost 90,000 times in 2011, according to state crime reports. The expensive and embarrassing experience happened to approximately 292 of every 100,000 people in the state that year. Anyone who drinks and drives needs to know how to get out of jail. A Way Out Bail Bonds has 26 […]

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How Bail Bonds Work

A bail bond is a formal financial arrangement that is used by bail bond agencies to free defendants from jail with a guarantee that they will appear on their court date. Once someone is arrested, his or her bail will be determined by the court. The amount of the bail bond is a percentage of […]

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Your Rights During a Routine Traffic Stop

Police have the authority to stop anyone for traffic violations, and anyone who gets stopped is usually unnerved by the experience. However, anyone pulled over should remember that they do have rights during a traffic stop. In case of an arrest, remember that A Way Out Bail Bonds is available around the clock to get […]

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Make Meaningful Memories This Mardi Gras

A plan to share in the revelry of Mardi Gras needs to include an option for an unexpected event. Drinking alcohol may add to the frivolity of your party celebration, but it carries some risk of a DUI arrest as well. Landing in jail on your way home is a memory that you always want […]

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