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How to Get a Secondary ID Card in Texas

Secondary ID CardGetting an ID when you lack one is almost as complicated as an act of Congress. Proof of identity is required in the form of documents that you probably do not have (hence the need for an ID card). And even if you have the paperwork that the procedure requires, getting an ID card is still not easy. It takes time, patience, and the payment of fees to obtain the papers that you need.

But Just Bail Bonds has a way to work around the obstacles in your path to help you get a card. Read on to discover how.

Necessary Cards

An ID card is often the first thing you are required to show when you get stopped by a law enforcement officer. If you do not have one, you complicate the problem because police and sheriff deputies expect you to carry an identification card. Financial transactions usually require an ID card as well, and you soon find out that life is easier when you have a valid ID.

Complicated Procedure

Getting a Texas ID card without documents that prove you are who you say you are is complicated. The usual procedure to get Dallas ID cards requires you to present secondary documents that confirm your legal name and the date you were born.

You can usually use these documents:

  • an insurance policy
  • a voter registration card
  • a DD Form 214 if you have a military service background

You can download a form online if you have the patience to put up with the details, but you usually must apply in person for your first card.

Not Eligible

If you are unable to get a valid Texas driver’s license or a state-issued ID card, you can use the ID card service provided by Just Bail Bonds. Not issued by the state, these cards are not usable for official purposes, but they can come in handy as secondary ID cards.

Help is Available

Just Bail Bonds offers a complete bail bond service 24 hours a day when you face a criminal defense charge. Make a note of 214-272-0792 so that you can call when you need help.

How to Pay for a Bail Bond

Paying for a Bail BondPrice is usually not an issue when the goal is to get out of jail. Whatever it costs is worth it to an incarcerated defendant or his or her family members. The reality, however, is that getting bail is an expensive matter. Just Bail Bonds offers many ways to pay for a bail bond, including personal and local checks, major credit cards, and financing plans.

Designating a Co-Signer/Indemnitor

Planning ahead for the possible occurrence of a DUI arrest makes release from jail occur sooner rather than later. The defendant gets to make one phone call which usually goes to a person who can take responsibility for making financial arrangements with a Dallas bail bonds company.

As a co-signer, the indemnitor is responsible for paying a non-refundable fee of about 10% of the bail to a bondsman. For a $10,000 bail, $1,000 would be due at the outset to get the release process started.

Making the Initial Payment with a Card, Check, or Finance Plan

Even if the initial bail bond payment is only a tenth of a $10,000 bail amount, coming up with $1,000 is not an easy job for many people. Just Bail Bonds offers credit terms in addition to checks, transfers from Western Union and these credit cards:

  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover

Payment with Collateral on Bond

Large amounts of bail may require a co-signer to take a different route to payment. A lien on a property that has a value equal to 10% of bail is usually acceptable.

Properties that are often used as collateral include:

  • electronic equipment
  • jewelry
  • a boat or recreational vehicle
  • a home
  • vacant land

The co-signer regains ownership of collateral when the full bail bond payment is complete.

If you ever need to get a friend, loved one, or family member out of jail, call Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792.

How to Get Released from Jail Quickly

Early Jail ReleaseIf you are arrested for DUI or any other crime, it’s important that you get released from jail quickly pending your trial. Your DUI arrest may be scary for you; you’ll need to talk to your lawyer right away to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your case, and you can’t do that from a jail cell. If you need help securing your early jail release, contact Just Bail Bonds for help.

Bail System

In some cases, people are released from jail on their own recognizance, which means they just have to sign a paper promising to come back for their trial. In most cases, however, people who are arrested can only get out of jail pending trial by paying bail. Bail is an amount of money set by a judge to secure your appearance at trial. If you do not appear in court as required, you forfeit the bail you paid. Bail is often set at $25,000 or higher to encourage defendants to return for their trial.

What If I Can’t Afford Bail?

The high cost of bail makes it unaffordable for many people. If you cannot afford bail on your own, don’t panic. Dallas bail bonds offices can help you get the money you need. They provide loans; you need to pay 10 percent of the bail up front and then pay back the loan in monthly installments. For example, if you owe $25,000 in bail, you pay the bail bondsman $2,500 up front.

Getting a bail loan is often the quickest way to get out of jail. Once your loan is secured, your bail will be paid and you can go home. If you or a loved one has been arrested, don’t try to wait it out in a Dallas jail. Call Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792 to arrange for your bail loan and secure your immediate release from jail.

A Quick Guide to Criminal Offenses

Criminal ChargesIf you are arrested for a criminal offense, you might be in danger of serious jail or prison time if you are convicted. Your first step to regaining your freedom is to mount a successful criminal defense. If you can’t afford bail, you may need a Dallas bail bonds agent like those at Just Bail Bonds to help secure your freedom pending trial.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

There are two types of criminal offenses.

Misdemeanors are less serious offenses and usually carry lower penalties. First offense DUIs, loitering, possession of small amounts of marijuana, and being drunk in public are examples of misdemeanors. These crimes may or may not involve jail time; in some cases you simply pay a fine post conviction.

Felonies are very serious crimes. These crimes may or may not involve violence, and they almost always involve jail or prison time. Selling illegal drugs, assaulting someone, and committing armed robbery are examples of felonies.

Typical Sentences

If you are convicted of a crime, you may be sentenced to the following:

  • Jail or prison time. Prison is reserved for the most serious crimes. Jails are usually maintained by local or city governments and are shorter term. People sentenced to jail may get work opportunities or educational opportunities.
  • Community service. You may need to clean up parks or assist the community in some other manner.
  • Fines and penalties, including restitution. In some cases, you need to pay for repairs if you damaged property as the result of your crime.

In addition, you will have a criminal record that can stop you from gaining employment or getting federal aid to go to school.

If someone you know has been placed under felony arrest in Dallas, they’ll probably need help paying bail so they can have the best chance of avoiding a prison sentence. Contact Just Bail Bonds today at 214-272-0792 for help.

Practicing Safe Drinking During St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day CelebrationsSt. Patrick’s Day is a day of celebration in the Dallas area. With parades, parties, and so many drink specials, people can easily make a bad mistake if not careful. Just Bail Bonds encourages responsible drinking and the use of a designated driver this year.

But we realize mistakes can happen—people can have one too many without realizing it. But be aware, law enforcement in Dallas will be patrolling with extra vigor on St. Patrick’s Day this year. Expect extra officers on the streets and DWI checkpoints.

Last year in Dallas, police made a total of 37 DWI arrests, plus an additional 16 public intoxication arrests.

Even a short drive while intoxicated increases the chances of a DWI. If caught, a DWI becomes a long and unwanted blemish on a person’s record, and subjects them to heavy fines, a possible license suspension, and increased insurance costs. In some cases, a DWI can lead to job loss or the loss of a job opportunity.

A DWI arrest in Dallas will require the need to bond out of jail after the arrest. We take pride in our fast release bonding, to get people out of jail at quickly and effortlessly as possible. We understand that the sooner you are out of jail, the sooner you can begin to put your life back together and to prepare your defense. These things are not easy to do from jail, so a quick release is a necessity.

Our nearly 30 years of experience in Dallas bail bonds insures that we are familiar with the process, including cash bail and bonding. We pay the bond fee to the court. Our fees are determined on a low percentage of the bail charged. Personal checks and major credit cards are accepted.

We at Just Bail Bonds encourage everyone to have a fun, healthy, and safe celebration. If a St. Patrick’s Day mistake is made and the need arises, we can be reached at 214-272-0792 in Dallas.

The Different Types of Jail Release Options

Release from JailGetting arrested can be scary. Jail isn’t always a safe place for accused criminals; if you’ve never been to jail before you may be at the mercy of gangs and other violent criminals. It’s also harder to plan your defense strategy with your attorney from jail. Fortunately, there are many options if you want to get out of jail pending your trial. Just Bail Bonds can help secure your early jail release.

Citation Release

In some cases, you may not even be taken to jail. This usually happens with traffic tickets and minor violations of law such as possessing very small amounts of marijuana. The police officer writes you a ticket at the site of the incident and has you sign it. You can then go home until your court date.

Own Recognizance

If you don’t have a criminal record and are not considered a flight risk, you may be released on your own recognizance. This means that the court trusts you to come back for your trial and doesn’t require you to pay bail. You simply have to sign paperwork stating that you understand you have to attend your court hearing. Obviously, this is the ideal option because you and your family won’t be out any money.

Cash Bail

If the court believes you are a flight risk or if you are accused of a particularly heinous crime, you must post bail in order to be released. Bail is cash held in escrow to ensure you return for trial. If you don’t attend your court hearing, you will forfeit the bail amount. Bail can be $25,000 or more in some cases.

Property Bond

If you can’t afford to post bail, one option is to use a property bond. Property bonds involve using your home’s equity to get a bail loan. Your equity must be 150% of the bail amount, and this process can take several weeks.

Surety Bond

Another option for those who can’t post bail on their own is to get a loan from a bail bonds company called a surety bond. The bail bond process requires you to pay 10% of the bail amount up front. You then have to pay back the loan over time.

Surety bonds are often the best way to free yourself so that you can call your attorney from the safety of your home. If you or a loved one has been arrested, contact Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792 for help with Dallas bail bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dallas Bail Bonds

Get Out of Jail QuicklyThe bail bond process is unknown to most people, but first time offenders need to know how it works. Questions may occur to you about how you can use the process, what it costs, and how you can pay for it. Just Bail Bonds, an authority on bail bonds and bail bond defense services, can lead you through the process if you need to get out of jail.

How Does the Bail Bond Process Work?

After an arrest, an officer takes you to jail where you’re allowed to contact an attorney. You get to hear the charges that are placed against you, and the authorities will take your photograph and fingerprints. Depending on the crime you were arrested for, a judge will set your bond amount. This will need to be paid by either your family or a bail bond agency.

What’s the Cost of a Bail Bond Agent?

If the court sets a bail that is more than you can pay, a Dallas bail bonds service requires you to pay approximately 10% of the total amount. In some cases, the court may not set a bail. In other cases, the bail may amount to $20,000 or more. The portion that you would then have to pay would be approximately $2,000.

How Do I Pay for a Bail Bond?

If you or your family cannot pay the amount set for bail, you’ll need to hire a bail bond agent to pay the amount for you. Just Bail Bonds accepts payment by cash, personal checks, or major credit cards. You can get immediate results as soon as payment arrangements are completed, including the possibility of early jail release.

Avoiding the Need for Assistance

It doesn’t take long to realize that you want to get out of jail. Plan to contact Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792 in Dallas when you need to get out of jail quickly. We’re always here to help.

Make Sure You’re with Your Family This Holiday Season

Holiday DrinkingThere is no good time to go to jail. In fact, there are only bad times and worse times, and the holiday season is at the top of the list of worst times. If it happens to you, there is only one way to make things better: Just Bail Bonds can make it possible for you to get out of jail fast so you can spend time with your family.

Holiday parties usually have a lot of alcohol available, and it’s very easy to drink too much. The holiday season always sees an uptick in arrest rates, especially for DUIs and DWIs. As a result, your chance of getting caught up by law enforcement also increases, especially if you plan on attending holiday parties throughout the season. If you are like most other drivers who drink and drive after a party, you probably think that a holiday DWI arrest can never happen to you. Driving behavior and judgment is definitely affected by alcohol for most people, and it is fairly easy for law enforcement to notice. Plan now to contact a Dallas bail bonds company if you get arrested for a DWI.

When you go to jail, you have to stay there unless you make arrangements with the court for your release. You can promise to show up for your court date, but the court usually wants you to guarantee your promise with a bond. If you can afford to pay the full amount of your bail, then you are probably good to go. Otherwise, you need a Dallas bail bonds company like Just Bail Bonds to come to your rescue and pay your bond for you.

Make a plan for paying Just Bail Bonds to help you get out of jail fast. We can guarantee a bail bond for you, and someone must pay a nonrefundable percentage of the bail amount on your behalf. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, and other payment forms. Plan now to spend holiday time with your family and store 817-303-3400 in your phone so you can call our team when you need to.

Arrested for DUI/DWI? Get Released Fast!

Dallas JailAnybody can make a mistake, and it can turn into a big deal in some cases. When you need help, you want to find someone who can solve a serious problem. Just Bail Bonds specializes in quick release from jails in Dallas County. Our record of success in getting bail bonds for people who have a DWI or a DUI arrest shows that you can count on us.

Just Bail Bonds can get a Dallas bail bonds representative to start working on your case immediately. Our criminal defense services start with posting a bond so you can get out of jail as soon as possible. Your family cannot rest easily until you are safe at home again.

You can pay the full bail amount to the court if you prefer, but it takes quite a while to get the results you want. It’s faster and requires less of a cash outlay if you use our professional services. Our bail bond experts have worked day and night with the Dallas courts for almost 30 years, and we know how the system works. We make it as easy as possible for you to get out of jail by guaranteeing the funds the court requires. You pay us a non-refundable percentage of the full bail amount, and that lets us guarantee the bail to the court. You can pay us with a personal check as many of our other clients do, or you can put the charges on any of your major credit cards. A signature or a written guarantee is usually all that we require.

Our Dallas bail bonds service provides the fastest release that you can find anywhere. We know how important it is for you to get out of an unpleasant situation, and we are ready to provide the assistance that you need. At Just Bail Bonds, we specialize in getting a quick release for our clients. Call us at 214-272-0792 to get a professional bail bonds representative to work for you.

Bail Bonds for Criminal Charges in Dallas

Criminal ChargesSome offenses that may seem ordinary to you can turn out to have serious consequences. Many drivers put speeding tickets in that category, but tickets can cause real trouble if you ignore them. If it is clear that you have run into serious trouble with the law, Just Bail Bonds has the resources and the expertise to help you get a bail bond and bail bond defense services.

Everyone knows that it’s wrong to drink and drive, but many people do it anyway. Some drivers who get arrested for it probably have done it many times without getting caught. Your arrest may fall into this category if you did not get arrested the other times. If you do have prior offenses and you face criminal charges, your problems are serious.

When you buy something that is valuable, you understand that it costs more than other things that are not as valuable. The same thing happens when you need a bail bond for a criminal charge. Posting bail is more difficult and more expensive when the charges are for serious offenses.

Even though you have many problems to face, you deserve a chance to get out of jail in order to keep your job. Problems seem to get out of hand sometimes, and they pile up faster than you can solve them. Just Bail Bonds can get a bail bond agent in Dallas to help you get out of jail. Nothing can improve for you until you get back to your family and your job.

When you have DWI charges or unpaid speeding tickets on your record, you need to choose the best bail bond agent in Dallas that you can find. Just Bail Bonds has an excellent record of working with the court to get the best arrangement for clients. Experience counts in some situations, and successful experience counts even more. Call Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792 to get started on your release.