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The Movement to Release Those Who Cannot Afford Jail

Bail has become a focal point in the fight to transform the criminal justice system as well as the pretrial system, and there are several good reasons why.

More Americans Experience Jails Than PrisonsPretrial System

The difference is that jails typically hold people in the days leading to their trials, or for sentences less than one year. Prisons are where people go for longer terms of sentence. The number people of people admitted to jails, nationwide is nearly 20 times the annual admission rate to state and federal prisons, according to a report from the Vera Institute of Justice.

A Majority of People Jailed Have Not Yet Been Found Guilty

Of the crimes of which they are accused. Three people out of every five in a jail are there because they cannot afford to pay their bail. Cherise Fanno Burdeen, the CEO of the Pretrial Justice Initiative, has said, “If you want to tackle mass incarceration, you have to go to where mass incarceration is happening. This is where the most disruptive action of the state happens in people’s lives.”

Revolution In The Pretrial SystemPretrial System

The highly publicized deaths of Kalief Browder in New York and Sandra Bland in Texas have illustrated the need for some kind of reform or revolution in the pretrial system, at least. While it is widely understood that disruptions caused by pretrial detention cost many low-income people their jobs, homes, and relationships, until these events in recent years, many people never thought it could someone their life.

Tragic stories like these two have helped to steer the conversation at a national level, and have boosted the case for ending or otherwise reforming the bail system.

Another activist at the front lines of this fight is Thomas Harvey. He directs the non-profit law firm ArchCity Defenders, which has challenged the interrelated systems of bail and traffic fines and fees that are putting people behind bars in his area. He has gone so far as to call this system the “criminalization of poverty and race” in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Harvey and his teams have sued 30 of the county’s 90 towns, including Ferguson; by using class action suits to challenge the systems’ use of bail, Harvey has made a great start in reforming what he calls the “debtors’ prisons.”

“At least in the St. Louis region, it’s poor folks and communities of color that are being held on cash bail. Courts are quicker to impose these onerous consequences on them,” he says.

Nationwide, Black Americans are two-and-a-half times more likely to be arrested, and almost four times more likely to be jailed than White Americans.

Harvey and ArchCity Defenders have reached settlements with some of the city’s in St. Louis County. For example, Jennings agreed in 2016 to pay $4.7 million in compensation to people detained for court debts, and also agreed to implement a set of reforms, with the end goal of eliminating cash bail. The reform aims to focus on releasing those accused of nonviolent offenses on their own recognizance, and under the new system, the court “employs a five-step process before issuing a warrant for some’s arrest for failure to appear in court.”

Will this system work in the long run? Only time will tell, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

What Does a Bail Agent Do?

Bail AgentWhen a person finds themselves in jail, his or her first thought is usually to get out as quickly as possible. At Just Bail Bonds, we know that you want quick results, which is why our bondsmen are ready to help at a moment’s notice. You should be informed of what a bail agent does to earn your freedom, so read on to find out how our bondsmen will work for you.

What Is a Bail Agent?

Bail agents are agents for a surety company. A bondsman will meet with his or her client to come up with a contract that provides bail money to the defendant in return for collateral, such as a home or vehicle. When you sign a contract with a bondsman, you agree to appear at all of your scheduled court dates. You usually need a cosigner on a contract who will also help you show up for your court date.

Benefits of Using a Bail Agent

Most people are unable to pay the hefty bail payments all at once. Using a Dallas bail bonds company allows them to be released from jail without having to find the entire bail. Using a bond agent does not mean that you have to take out a loan to pay bail. Instead, a bondsman typically charges about 10 percent as the surety. That 10 percent is considered the bail agent’s fee and is not refunded after appearing in court.

What You Should Do When You Find Yourself In Jail

If you ever find yourself or a family member on the wrong side of the law, call Just Bail Bonds and let us help. Every bail agent who works for us will work with the justice system to get you the best results possible. Call us today at 214-272-0792 to speak with one of our licensed agents.


A DWI Bail Bonds Company can Ensure a Timely Release

DWI Bail BondsDriving while intoxicated is an extremely serious offense that can incur everything from costly fines to jail time. When you are jailed related to a DWI charge, Just Bail Bonds can ensure a timely release thanks to our experienced and professional staff. A reputable DWI bail bonds company is crucial to getting you out of jail and back to your life.

The Costs

Depending on the severity of your offense, DWI charges can entail expensive fines and lengthy jail terms. First offenses include a fine of at least $500, along with mandatory license suspension. Second or third offenses include a fine of $2,000, license suspension, and a jail term of up to 180 days for third offenses specifically. While in jail you may lose money due to missed work, which can negatively impact your financial outlook should you be fired for the transgression.

Getting Help

If this has happened to you, you need a DWI bail bonds company that takes your arrest seriously. Just Bail Bonds has a proven record of success when dealing with those who’ve been jailed due to driving while intoxicated. Our dedicated staff will work with you to arrange the quickest release possible.

When seeking a Dallas bail company, not just any company will do. Offering fast and efficient DWI bail bonds service, Just Bail Bonds will work with those arrested due to a DWI charge, guaranteeing to make the bail bonds process as painless as possible. You owe it to yourself to hire the best bail bonds company available. Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed agents at 214-272-0792.

Post Bail and Stay Out of Jail with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting arrested is an emotionally difficult experience.  It is also hard because the legal process can be very complicated.  It is important to have a good criminal defense lawyer assist you after you have been arrested for a crime. We at Just Bail Bonds can help you make bail and guide you through the bail process. Here is more information on making bail:

How long does a suspect have to wait before they can post bail?

If the crime is not very serious, a suspect can potentially post bail right after he is booked. If there is not an opportunity to immediately post bail, the accused must wait for a bail hearing. Bail hearings typically occur within 48 hours of an arrest. The presiding judge at the hearing will decide if the suspect is suitable for bail and the bail amount.

How is bail determined?

The nature of the crime can be a big factor in determining a bail amount. Some areas of the country have standard bail amounts for different crimes. The judge can also have a substantial influence.  The judge may consider the previous criminal record of the accused, if there is one. If the suspect has a history of run-ins with the law, it will probably not make a favorable impression on the judge.  A suspect that a judge considers a danger to others will probably receive a higher bail, if he is granted bail at all.  We can help you find a way to pay for bail in Texas.

Contact Just Bail Bonds in Dallas at 817-303-3400 if you need to make bail.  We understand how important it is to get out of jail.

A Quick Guide to Criminal Offenses

Criminal ChargesIf you are arrested for a criminal offense, you might be in danger of serious jail or prison time if you are convicted. Your first step to regaining your freedom is to mount a successful criminal defense. If you can’t afford bail, you may need a Dallas bail bonds agent like those at Just Bail Bonds to help secure your freedom pending trial.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

There are two types of criminal offenses.

Misdemeanors are less serious offenses and usually carry lower penalties. First offense DUIs, loitering, possession of small amounts of marijuana, and being drunk in public are examples of misdemeanors. These crimes may or may not involve jail time; in some cases you simply pay a fine post conviction.

Felonies are very serious crimes. These crimes may or may not involve violence, and they almost always involve jail or prison time. Selling illegal drugs, assaulting someone, and committing armed robbery are examples of felonies.

Typical Sentences

If you are convicted of a crime, you may be sentenced to the following:

  • Jail or prison time. Prison is reserved for the most serious crimes. Jails are usually maintained by local or city governments and are shorter term. People sentenced to jail may get work opportunities or educational opportunities.
  • Community service. You may need to clean up parks or assist the community in some other manner.
  • Fines and penalties, including restitution. In some cases, you need to pay for repairs if you damaged property as the result of your crime.

In addition, you will have a criminal record that can stop you from gaining employment or getting federal aid to go to school.

If someone you know has been placed under felony arrest in Dallas, they’ll probably need help paying bail so they can have the best chance of avoiding a prison sentence. Contact Just Bail Bonds today at 214-272-0792 for help.

Bail Bonds for Criminal Charges in Dallas

Criminal ChargesSome offenses that may seem ordinary to you can turn out to have serious consequences. Many drivers put speeding tickets in that category, but tickets can cause real trouble if you ignore them. If it is clear that you have run into serious trouble with the law, Just Bail Bonds has the resources and the expertise to help you get a bail bond and bail bond defense services.

Everyone knows that it’s wrong to drink and drive, but many people do it anyway. Some drivers who get arrested for it probably have done it many times without getting caught. Your arrest may fall into this category if you did not get arrested the other times. If you do have prior offenses and you face criminal charges, your problems are serious.

When you buy something that is valuable, you understand that it costs more than other things that are not as valuable. The same thing happens when you need a bail bond for a criminal charge. Posting bail is more difficult and more expensive when the charges are for serious offenses.

Even though you have many problems to face, you deserve a chance to get out of jail in order to keep your job. Problems seem to get out of hand sometimes, and they pile up faster than you can solve them. Just Bail Bonds can get a bail bond agent in Dallas to help you get out of jail. Nothing can improve for you until you get back to your family and your job.

When you have DWI charges or unpaid speeding tickets on your record, you need to choose the best bail bond agent in Dallas that you can find. Just Bail Bonds has an excellent record of working with the court to get the best arrangement for clients. Experience counts in some situations, and successful experience counts even more. Call Just Bail Bonds at 214-272-0792 to get started on your release.

DWI Defense from a Trusted Arlington TX Bail Bond Agent

Being arrested for a DWI can be a confusing experience. Individuals who are placed in a jail cell often worry about the consequences of a DWI conviction, their family and their job. The Arlington TX bail bond agents at Just Bail Bonds can provide the bail that the individual needs in order to leave the jail and can also assist with the individual’s criminal defense.

DWIs are a common charge and have an automatic amount set for bail. Once an individual is arrested for a DWI, he should contact a bail bondsman to arrange for the necessary bail. An Arlington TX bail bond is typically a certain percentage of the total bond. The bail bond company pays the entire bail amount that guarantees that the arrested individual will appear in court. Once the person appears in court, the court returns the bail money to the bail bond company.

When the arrested individual shows up in court, an Arlington DWI bail bond agent can assist him with his defense. An experienced DWI defense agent has a specialized knowledge regarding these types of cases and knows how to ask witnesses particular questions to raise reasonable doubt. The bail bond agents can also help to ask questions about the testing procedure and other relevant facts to help his client avoid conviction. Convictions for DWI in Texas can be very serious, resulting in thousands of dollars in fines, the suspension of a driver’s license, loss of a driver’s license and significant jail time. For an individual who has been charged with a DWI multiple times, the consequences are greater. It is important that an individual seek competent legal advice from an experienced bail bond agent to avoid these significant consequences. A defendant who tries to represent himself is less likely to be successful in proving his innocence than a defendant who has a trained and experienced legal advocate on his side.

When an individual is arrested for a DWI, it is critical that he post bail immediately so that he can return to his family and his job as quickly as possible. Prolonged stays in jail will reflect negatively on him to his employer and his social community. A bondsman can help him to achieve this goal. If the individual has not yet appeared in court, he should contact Just Bail Bonds at 817-303-3400 to arrange a meeting with a qualified agent who can assist him in developing an effective legal strategy for his defense.

Criminal Defense in Fort Worth TX from Just Bail Bonds

When you find yourself in need of criminal defense, there are many companies and firms to choose from to represent you. With so many options to select from, you can be unsure of what the best path for you and your loved ones is, especially if you have never had to think about or go through this process before. Thankfully, the Fort Worth TX bail bond agents with Just Bail Bonds can provide you with the all you need to know when dealing with your criminal defense today.

With the help of a reputable and reliable bail bond company like Just Bail Bonds, you will not have to worry about the bail bond process for yourself or a loved one. Thanks to knowledgeable and experienced bail bond companies such as ours, more than 60 percent of defendants are released from jail prior to their court appearances. Our bail bond agents possess the experience and expertise to handle your case and have you or your loved one released in a timely manner. We know how the Texas court systems work, and can utilize this knowledge to your advantage. There are many intricacies and rules and regulations regarding the bail bond process, and you can be unaware of these. Our bail bond company offers 24/7 availability, as we know your criminal case will not cater to the usual business hours.

For all your bail bond needs in Fort Worth and the surrounding area, Just Bail Bonds is here to help. For additional information regarding criminal defense, give us a call at 214-272-0792 for Dallas County, 817-303-3400 for Tarrant County, or contact us online today.