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On Arrests and Bail Bonds in Fort Worth: Understanding How It Works

Texas law has it that after an arrest, trial does not immediately ensue—most of the time, the defendant will have to wait in detention until a judge can be scheduled to hear his case. However, there are many cases where the said defendant could walk free back into the streets of Cowtown, until the trial day that is, and this is where bail bonds in Fort Worth come into play.
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You Don’t Want a Bounty Hunter on Your Tail

When a person is arrested and accused of a crime, he will have to appear in court for an arraignment hearing. Depending on the charge, the accused may be eligible to post bail prior to his hearing. The accused must make it a point to appear at the initial hearing and all scheduled court appearances after that, or he will be branded a fugitive, which only opens up a whole new world of problems.
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You Don’t Have to Spend a Day in Jail

When a person gets arrested and charged with a crime, it usually takes weeks or months before his case goes to trial. Depending on the charge, an accused person may be allowed to post bail so that he doesn’t have to sit in jail during that time. However, what if the accused can’t afford to make bail?
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Keller Bail Bonds: What are the Factors that Influence Bail Amount?

The length of time it takes for a case to be tried in a Keller court varies, depending on several factors. In many cases, the decision on whether the trial should start right away is all up to the judge. This kind of system can lead to volatility in detainment duration before a verdict is given. Fortunately, a person arrested for an offense can post bail to gain freedom while the case proceedings are underway. Continue Reading →