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Types of Bail Bond Collateral

Most people know that paying bail gets you out of jail so that you can return to work and life as usual until the ensuing court hearing. However, most people are unaware of the fact that there are different types of collateral for bail bonds. This means if you don’t have the cash necessary to […]

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How to Bail Someone Out of Jail

Jail is a scary prospect. In some situations, it ultimately ends up being nothing more than a minor setback, but in plenty of scenarios, extended time in jail can ruin a person’s life. The way our justice system works, if someone is in jail, they won’t be released until the courts settle the case or […]

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Helpful Tips When Posting Bail

Being arrested has more consequences than just the potential loss of freedom. There are financials to consider, too. For instance, if the judge allows for bail, you’ll need to pay for a bail bond to secure your freedom. The bail process can be confusing to those new to the experience. Let’s shine a light on […]

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