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The Movement to Release Those Who Cannot Afford Jail

Bail has become a focal point in the fight to transform the criminal justice system as well as the pretrial system, and there are several good reasons why. More Americans Experience Jails Than Prisons The difference is that jails typically hold people in the days leading to their trials, or for sentences less than one […]

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Beth Chapman has Throat Cancer

I say “Bounty Hunter,” you say “DOG!” Most everyone knows about the famous Hawaiian bail bondsman and his eccentric family of bounty hunters. Duane Chapman and his wife of 11 years, Beth Chapman, are now facing one of the worst trials of their entire life together. Beth has stage 2 throat cancer. In a letter […]

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Avoid Jail for Overtaking a Stopped School Bus

Drivers who go past a stopped school bus should beware: some of these buses now come with hi-tech eyes. Select independent school districts (ISDs) in Texas are installing cameras on school buses to catch drivers violating school bus traffic stop laws. Among the latest to adopt the practice is the Austin ISD, which has equipped […]

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