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Surety Bonds Arlington, TX

Jail Release Guaranteed

jail bail bondThe most common type of bond to get you released from jail in Tarrant County a surety bond, also known as a bail bond. To be released from jail until a case goes to court, you must pay the full cash bail to the court or a Arlington TX bail bond company must pledge to cover that amount (in case you do not show up for the designated court date.) A bond agent is licensed and backed by an insurance company, which guarantees the bail bond company's ability to pay the full value of the bail.

You pay a percentage (typically 10 percent) and sign over collateral to a bondsman in return for the bail bond company's guarantee to the court.  If you fail to appear, the court will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest. Plus, the bail bond must be paid in full by the bail bond company, which has to collect that amount as stated in the bail bond contract forms signed.

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