Traffic Violations & Misdemeanor Bail Arlington, TX

  • Class B Misdemeanors carry a potential fine up to $2,000 and/or confinement not to exceed 180 days in the county jail. Examples: Driving while intoxicated (DWI), criminal trespass, evading arrest, theft by check $50-$500.
  • Class A Misdemeanors can result in confinement up to one year in county jail and/or fine not to exceed $4,000. Examples: Second DWI, assault, burglary of a vehicle, unlawful carrying of a weapon.

Most traffic violations in the Dallas & Fort Worth area result in the defendant receiving citation (ticket) issued by the law enforcement officer for violations ranging from speeding to illegal parking. More serious cases might require the expertise of our Arlington, Tx bail agents. They can help you obtain a release from jail for charges such as driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving an uninsured vehicle or felonies such as unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. You must post some form of bail in many of these cases in order to remain free until the court date.

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations

No matter what offense someone is jailed for, our licensed bail bond company has the experience and legal known-how to secure your release on bond. Some common citations that get many Arlington residents in danger of doing jail time before trial include:

  • Speeding
  • Expired or revoked driver’s license
  • Reckless driving
  • Unauthorized use a motor vehicle
  • DWI or DUI
  • And more…

In addition, citizens can also be in danger of incurring further criminal charges if they fail to pay fines and fees for traffic citations or do not appear in court as instructed, Those violations may prevent you from registering a vehicle or renewing your driver’s license. More fees and fines can be added to your record if you do not respond to a ticket promptly (sometimes as soon as 10 days after the alleged violation), and delay may result in the court issuing a warrant for your arrest. Citizens can call the Arlington,TX Police Department for warrant information. If there is, you must appear in person or post a bail bond, pay all fees and fines online, or obtain legal representation.

Traffic Tickets in Texas

The fines associated with a traffic ticket in Texas varies depending on the county you were pulled over in. In many cases, you may incur additional surcharges, depending on conviction and the number of points currently on your driving record. You’ll want to examine the ticket closely. For further information, you may contact the county court listed for their specific fee scale.

That being said, you will want to pay the ticket promptly. The quicker you pay the fine, the better. If you fail to pay the fine, however, the court will send notices and further fines may be added to the original penalty. Continue to ignore the fines and the city policy may visit you. You’ll be set a court date. Again, depending on the severity of the crime, you may receive time in jail, along with a bail amount to secure your freedom before the court date. A bail bond agent can help!

What does bond mean on a ticket?

Typically, when you are issued a traffic citation of any kind you are released on personal recognizance. Basically, this means you understand the fines associated with the ticket, intend to pay them, or appear in court on the due date. However, it is still common for a bail bond amount to be written on the traffic ticket. The full amount is often thousands of dollars, as it is bail. This amount is not a fine nor a court cost, though. The amount written on the ticket does not need to be paid, so long as you appear in court on the required date. If you fail to appear in court, however, then you may be charged the full amount. Generally, fines and costs will be assessed by the presiding judge.

If you have any questions regarding bond for a traffic citation, speak with a registered bail bond agency for more information. Call Just Bail Bond for assistance!

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