Bail Bond FAQs

FAQs on Jail Relase in Arlington TX

Just Bail Bonds provides peace of mind whenever you or a loved one is arrested. Our Arlington TX bail bond company gets you out of jail for traffic violations, DWI, misdemeanor or a variety of felony charges. We have been doing business in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for more than 26 years, specializing in quick release from all jails. We make the bail out process as simple and convenient as possible so that you can concentrate winning in court.

Jail release with Arlington bail bonds

Rick Wade (in Dallas County) and Jeanie Wade (in Tarrant County) head up our staff of qualified, experienced bail bond agents. Licensed bond agents are on call 24 hours a day to respond to your bail bond needs and answer any questions. For example, some of our most frequent bail bond questions include:

What happens when you are arrested?

According to the Texas State Bar Association:

  • The officer takes you a police station, jail or other detention facility.
  • Just after arriving at the jail, you are allowed to contact an attorney.
  • You will be advised as to the general charges against you.
  • You may be required to participate in a lineup, present a sample of your handwriting, speak phrases associated with the crime charged, wear certain clothes and give samples of your hair, blood, etc.
  • You may be fingerprinted or photographed.
  • All persons brought to the Tarrant County Jail are subject to an iris scan on both eyes at the time of their booking.
  • You appear before a magistrate (court official) who will inform you of the charges against you and your rights. At this time, you may find out if you must post bail or if you will be released without bail.

How do you gain release from jail?

You may be released on bail by posting either cash or a bail bond as security before a court appearance. You also may be released upon personal recognizance (your promise to appear in court when directed). When you are brought before the magistrate, you can also request that the court lower your bail based on your ties in the community, financial resources, employment record or other factors.

What is Pretrial Release?

Pre-trial release is a way for qualified prisoners to be released without paying a bond. Pre-trial release is a personal bond, or promise, to appear. Tarrant County Pre-trial Release is responsible for gathering and reviewing information about a prisoner to determine whether to release the prisoner from custody. The following minimum qualifications must be met before Pre-trial Release may be considered:

  • Must be Tarrant or Dallas County resident
  • Must be in jail on a Tarrant County offense (first-degree felony charges are excluded)
  • Must not be on parole or have any felony convictions
  • Must be willing to appear in court until the case is completely out of litigation
  • Must provide positive identification
  • Must NOT have history of bond forfeitures

What is “jail credit”?

The City of Arlington assigns a monetary value for time spent in jail for a City of Arlington Class C misdemeanor ticket or warrant. A municipal judge determines jail credit as regulated by state law.  Jail credit is not applied to all arrests; it only applies to City of Arlington Class C misdemeanors.

What is a bail bond?

Arlington TX bail bond forms

Bail is a written promise (bond) the court accepts from either the person arrested or a third party representing them. The bail bond allows the defendant to remain out of jail until the end of the court case. If the accused does not show up for the court date, the promise is broken, the full amount of bail is owed the court, and a warrant for arrest may be issued.

How much does a bail bond cost?

The fee for a bond agent to post bail is a percentage of the total bail amount set by the jail/court. That percentage is approximately 10% in many cases, depending on the case and the individual signing the bond. In many cases, you can secure a bond with a signature or personal guarantee. In other circumstances, collateral is held until conditions of the bond are met. Collateral is returned at the conclusion of the court case.

When may I visit a prisoner?

Visitation at the Arlington jail occurs from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, but is subject to cancellation without notice by the Jail Supervisor. Visitation is limited to 15 minutes with a maximum of two people allowed per visit, per inmate. Visitors must be appropriately dressed, be at least 17 years of age, present a valid driver’s license or state issued identification card, and have no outstanding arrest warrants. Children under the age of 17 may not visit an inmate and children must not be left unattended in the Jail Lobby or in a vehicle while a parent visits an inmate. All visitors may be searched prior to entering the visitation room. Visitors are encouraged to call (817) 459-5648 or (817) 459-5649 to verify visitation approval.

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