Helpful Tips When Posting Bail

Being arrested has more consequences than just the potential loss of freedom. There are financials to consider, too. For instance, if the judge allows for bail, you’ll need to pay for a bail bond to secure your freedom. The bail process can be confusing to those new to the experience. Let’s shine a light on posting bail.

Useful Tips When Posting Bail

  • First Steps – Immediately after the defendant is processed, he or she should use their phone privileges to call a family member who can then call a bail bond agency in the area.
  • Ask Questions – If you’re contacting the bail bond agency, do not be afraid to ask questions. In fact, ask as many as possible to better understand the process and the coming days.
  • Be Patient – There may be a slight wait until a jail release can be arranged because of the holding facility and processing.
  • Do Your Research – After an arrest, it’s easy to become confused or stressed. Take a moment to research local bail bond agencies and find one that not only suits your needs but has a good reputation, too.
  • Collateral – You may need to offer some collateral to secure a bond. You can typically use a credit card, but physical collateral, such as a car or jewelry, can work, too.

When you call a bail bond company for a quick jail release, there is often an application process to undergo. This process includes a credit check and a series of questions about the defendant. Take your time and answer honestly—it will help your case.Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law makes for a difficult time—both for you and your family. Contact Just Bail Bonds for 24-hour bail bond services at 817-303-3400!