Rearrested While on Bond? Here’s What Happens

Though unlikely, it is possible to be arrested while out on bond. If such an unfortunate scenario unfolds in your life, your case will become that much more complex. Let’s take a look at exactly what occurs after being rearrested while out on bond.

The Punishment for Arrest on Bond 

An arrest that occurs when an individual is out on bond will lead to the court’s revocation of the original bail amount. The bail is revoked as a result of the conditions being violated. The court might determine that the bail should escalate even higher than the level where it was originally set. It is also possible that additional conditions will be tacked on the initial bail as well. Add in the fact that there will be new criminal charges, and the matter becomes even more punitive. Though you might be permitted to post bail once again, the court might decide bail cannot be posted as there is a chance the charged party might depart town.

Though bail might not be completely denied, the cost will likely move up to the level tied to the new charge. The judge might also revoke the prior bail, denying bail for this subsequent charge. If such a scenario unfolds, the charged party will remain in jail until the day of the trial. Though these penalties might seem egregiously punitive, the government will do anything to keep individuals out on bail on their best behavior. Therefore, committing a crime while out on bail opens the door for the court to apply additional penalties and restrictions. There is even a chance that another charge will be added. Such a charge is tacked on after an individual who is out on bail after committing a felony commits yet another felonious crime.

The Revocation of Bail

If the court determines it is in the interest of the public for bail to be revoked following the rearrest of the alleged criminal, the indemnitor who paid the bond and the bail bond business will be released from responsibility. In other words, the money paid to the bail bond company will not be returned. This premium will remain with the bail bond company.

Will the Court Allow a Third Chance?

It is possible the court will permit the posting of bail a second time. If the conditions of this bail are not fully adhered to, a third chance will not be provided. In fact, even spending time with individuals who have a criminal history is a bad idea. If you find yourself in such a predicament, take a step back, reassess the situation, and think of ways you can prove to the court that you are a responsible individual. Actions that reflect a sense of responsibility might help you avoid punishment at your upcoming trial.

Obtain Professional Assistance

Professional assistance will be necessary during this dark chapter of your life. If you are rearrested on bond, do not assume you can handle the fallout on your own. You will need a qualified bondsman through Just Bail Bonds to help you navigate the legal maze and have a chance of regaining your freedom. Though it is possible the judge will lay down a stiff punishment, including restrictions on your freedom, after such an event, there is also a chance you will merely have to attend another court hearing or two.

What matters most is the type of crime allegedly committed while out on bond. The judge will consider the details of this supposed crime when determining how to proceed. Just Bail Bonds is here to kick-start the release process on your behalf so you don’t have to spend one minute longer than absolutely necessary in a jail cell.

Just Bail Bonds Is at Your Service

If you are arrested, don’t assume you will be stuck in jail until your hearing or trial. Help is available through Just Bail Bonds. Reach out to us after your arrest, and we will bail you out of jail. You can contact our bail bonds specialists by phone at 817-303-3400. You can also reach us online through our contact form.