Understanding the Different Types of Criminal Offenses in Texas

As with most states, Texas breaks its criminal offenses down into classes. If you’ve found yourself facing any number of criminal charges, Just Bail Bonds wants you to know the difference between the various punishments associated with classes of criminal offenses in Texas.

Class A Misdemeanor – A Class A offense typically involves actions leading to misdemeanor charges punishable by not more than $4,000 in fines and jail time not to exceed one year. Additionally, such charges may be punishable by a combination of fines and imprisonment.

Class B Misdemeanor – A Class B offense will generally result in charges that lead to a punishment involving fines not to exceed $2,000. In addition, a Class B conviction may be punishable by imprisonment that will not exceed 180 days.

Capital Felony – A felony defined as capital is often punishable by life imprisonment or death. Individuals convicted of these crimes are not eligible for parole under Texas law.

First Degree Felony – Felony convictions in the first degree may give offenders up to 99 years of imprisonment. Additionally, those guilty of a felony in the first degree regarding sexual offenses are required to serve a minimum of five years of imprisonment.

Second Degree Felony – Upon conviction of a felony offense in the second degree, offenders can expect to face up to ten years of imprisonment. In addition, these individuals may face fines of up to $10,000. As with first degree offenses, second degree sexual offenders are required to spend a minimum of five years in prison.

Third Degree Felony – Third degree offenders in Texas will be facing up to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine that is not to exceed $10,000. Sex offenders guilty of crimes resulting in third degree convictions are once again required to spend at least five years in prison.

State Jail Felony – Offenders who are convicted of Class A crimes under misdemeanor statutes and offenders who are convicted of crimes of certain felonies may be convicted under state jail felonies. In these cases, convicted individuals will be facing up to two years in jail and fines not to exceed $10,000.

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