What to Do If You’re Arrested for Trespassing

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Being arrested can be a very stressful experience. Nobody wants to be charged with a crime, and you might be wondering what is going to happen next. There are different reasons why someone might be arrested, and one of the most common reasons why someone is arrested is trespassing. This means that you are on someone else’s private property without their permission, although the exact laws surrounding trespassing can vary depending where you are located. If you have been arrested for trespassing, what should you do? There are a few important points to keep in mind.

Listen to the Police Officer

If you have been arrested for trespassing, you may feel as though you haven’t done anything wrong. If you haven’t done anything wrong, why should you get arrested? Regardless of the situation, you must listen to the police officer. The police officer is just doing his or her job, so do not give the police officer any reason to make your situation worse. The police officer is going to transport you to the local jail, where you will probably have your mugshot taken. Then, you will be taken to a holding area until you can go before the judge.

Go Before the Judge

Once you go before the judge, the judge will read information related to your charges. Then, the judge will decide what your bail should be. Trespassing is a misdemeanor offense, so the judge should give you an opportunity to bail yourself out of jail. There is a chance that the judge may let you out of jail without having to pay anything at all. This is called being released on your own recognizance. There are a lot of factors that will go into the size of your bail, including the nature of the offense and your prior criminal history (or lack thereof). This is not an opportunity for you to present your defense. It is simply an opportunity for you to bail yourself out of jail.

Pay Your Bail to Get Out

After your judge has decided what your bail should be, you will have an opportunity to bail yourself out. Even though you may think you can pay your bail on your own, it may take a long time for the paperwork to go through the justice system. You need to get out of jail as quickly as possible because you need to prepare a proper defense. Therefore, you should reach out to a local bail bondsman who has connections with the justice system. That way, you can pay your bail as quickly as possible, allowing you to get out.

Hire a Defense Attorney

After you have been released from jail, it is time for you to hire a defense attorney. You may think that the facts of the case are on your side, but you never know what is going to happen when the justice system is involved. The stakes are high if you have been charged with a crime, including trespassing, so you do not want to take any chances. You need to reach out to a local defense attorney who can review your case, present you with your options, and provide you with the strongest defense possible. Reach out to a defense attorney who can make sure your voice is heard and that your rights are protected.

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If you have been arrested for trespassing, you are entitled to a strong defense. The first thing you need to do is get out of jail, and that is where we can help you. We are Just Bail Bonds, and it would be our pleasure to help you bail yourself out of jail. We have connections throughout the justice system that we can use to push through your paperwork as quickly as possible, allowing you to get out of jail so you can prepare a proper defense. We are here to listen to your situation without judgment or reservation, and we believe that nobody should spend time in jail if they do not have to be there. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team, and let us help you and your family.