Trust Licensed Keller Bail Bonds Agents to Help Get You Out of Jail

You can get arrested in Keller and any other city in Texas for a number of reasons, even for traffic violations. When this happens, getting yourself, or a friend or relative, out of jail after the arrest is often an urgent need. If funds for bail payment are not readily available, you can consider getting Keller bail bonds from reputable bonds agents like those at Just Jail Bonds.

Bail Bonds Agents

What are bail bond agents? These are men and women who typically represent a bonds company in posting bail bonds for someone who has been arrested. An article in Find Law explains how bail bonds work, and what a bonds agent does.


Many defendants lack the financial means to post their own bail. To secure release, they may contract a commercial bond agent to act as surety for the bond.


It can definitely come as a relief to know that you can turn to someone during a time when emotional and financial stresses are high. Trust between a bonds agent and the client is essential. By posting bond, the agent is taking responsibility for your appearance on set court dates, so he or she needs to be convinced that you will not skip bail.


On the other hand, you would also want to trust your bail bond agent, and feel confident that he or she is doing what is necessary to get you out of jail as soon as possible. Likewise, you will be paying a fee and/or putting up one or more of your properties as collateral for the bond, so you would want to make sure that you are dealing with a professional.


One of the things that can give you the assurance you seek is properly documented state licensing. In Texas, bonds agents are required to have a license, which they can only get if they meet certain standards and criteria.


First, a bail bondsman must have completed at least eight hours of state-accredited bail bondsman training. Second, he must have undergone at least a year’s worth of apprenticeship under a licensed bondsman, in the course of which he should have performed all the duties of an agent. Also, before any bonds agent can renew his license, he first needs to complete state-accredited Continuing Education Courses.


In addition to all these training and educational requirements, bonds agents, or the companies they represent, must fulfill of all the state’s financial requirements, which include insurance policies to back up their operations.


Given all these prerequisites, you can trust Keller bail bonds professionals not only to be financially able to post bail on your behalf, but also to give you proper guidance on all matters relating to your bail needs.


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