What You Should Know about Bail Bonds in Hurst, TX: On Arrest and Bail

Hurst, Texas, like any city with people numbering in the tens of thousands, has seen its share of widespread criminal activity and thus arrests, mostly for thievery. However, every individual is presumed innocent until proven otherwise by a court of law, so Texas law offers certain forms of relief to people arrested, one being bail. By paying bail bonds in Hurst, TX, those behind bars can be set free pending their trial.


Bail Conditions

In its essence, bail is an agreement whereby a person pays a bond (usually money or assets) to the court, often through intermediary bondsmen like those from Just Bail Bonds, on the condition that the arrested person will appear in court during the day of his trial. Should this condition not be met, the bond will default and the fugitive will be hunted, apprehended, and made to appear in court.


Bail Hearing

Some crimes are readily bailable, but others are strictly not. As the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure has it: “All prisoners shall be bailable unless for capital offenses when the proof is evident.” In this light, the arrested will first appear before a court for the judge to determine whether he can be allowed bail, and for how much.


After the bail hearing, one of a few outcomes are possible. An article in Your Legal Guide enumerates them as thus:


  • If the judge believes the defendant is unlikely to return to court for scheduled appearances, and/or poses a danger to the community, then bail may be denied
  • Releasing the defendant on his/her own recognizance
  • Releasing the defendant on unsecured bond (meaning the defendant does not have to pay money upfront, but will have to pay the amount of the bond if he or she fails to appear)
  • Setting conditions for release


On Bail Bonds

There are mainly two ways that a person can post bail. First, the accused can pay the bonds outright, using his own money or that borrowed from family members. Secondly, he can also use the services of a bail bond agency to pay with the use of a collateral— in addition, the accused will also have to pay the bondsman an additional fee.


When getting Hurst bail bonds to help an accused get out of jail, don’t forget that the ultimate goal of bail is to have the accused appear before the court on his actual trial date.


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