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With Bail Set, Teen Mom has a Way out Thru Tarrant County Bail Bonds

“Sweet Seventeen” isn’t exactly true right now for teen mom Alexis Botello, at least not until her trial day comes and she gets cleared for good. Arrested by Arlington police after being involved in a murder case which claimed the life of her 18-month daughter Tylea Moore, Botello has a temporary way out of serving jail time thanks to services like Tarrant County bail bonds providers. Star-Telegram’s Sarah Bahari reports:
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Mansfield Bail Bonds Experts Give Advice on What to Do After Arrest

“A Fort Worth man and woman with long criminal histories have been arrested in the robbery of an Asian restaurant owner who was beaten repeatedly on the head with a plastic drink crate,” writes Star-Telegram crime reporter Deanna Boyd. The victim’s wife and a customer was able to identify the license plate of the vehicle the couple left in, which led to their arrest. Continue Reading →

Avoid Jail for Overtaking a Stopped School Bus

Drivers who go past a stopped school bus should beware: some of these buses now come with hi-tech eyes.

Select independent school districts (ISDs) in Texas are installing cameras on school buses to catch drivers violating school bus traffic stop laws. Among the latest to adopt the practice is the Austin ISD, which has equipped 30 of its fleet of 500 school buses with such cameras for a dry run. KXAN’s Patrick Tolbert reports that these cameras are showing some promise. Continue Reading →

Hurst Bail Bonds Can Help if Your Child is Arrested

Good parents will do anything for their child’s welfare, even if it means showing them some “tough love”. A story ran by The Blaze couldn’t have demonstrated this more aptly. On May 19, 2014, a 16 year-old boy was turned in to the police by his own mother, who suspected that the boy was involved in an attempted robbery in Northeast Houston. To top it off, the teen’s grandmother also came to scold the boy on camera, demanding answers from him but also insisting that the arrest was for his own good. Continue Reading →

Arlington Bail Bonds Companies Remind the Accused of Miranda Rights

It’s bad enough for anyone to be arrested for the mildest of offenses; it’s even worse if he or she is wrongfully arrested in the first place. Chris Matyszczyk, a creative director and a contributor to CNET, recounts the case of Keira Wilmot, a student at Bartow High School in Florida, who was arrested last year for “felony possession and discharge of a dangerous weapon.” Continue Reading →